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Brian Keeler

I categorize my work as Painterly Realism, and I typically do plein air painting of landscapes. Landscapes favor scenes of natural and rural settings that evoke a timeless quality.


My exhibitions cover a wide variety of subjects and change monthly, e.g., Vintage Buildings; Heliodelic Topography; On the Water; Dance and Music; Quirky Vehicles; Ireland; Italy; Finger Lakes; New England; The Sky’s the Limit; Mythology.




My love of painting en plein air was nurtured growing up in the Endless Mountains region of NE PA. I continue to paint along the Susquehanna River, but more often in the Finger Lakes Region during the Golden Hour, late afternoon. Other favorite locations are New England, Italy, and Ireland. 

In 2016 an overview of my 30 plus years of painting was exhibited at the Roberson Museum, Binghamton, NY, called "Heliodelic Topography- Expressions of Sun-drenched Forms-the Art of Brian Keeler. I coined the term "heliodelic" to describe my work. This is a blend of "helio" from "heliotrope"which means light-seeking, as a sunflower turns toward the light, and "delic" from "psychedelic to denote heightened awareness and delight in the visual. The catalog I wrote for this show includes most of the 95 paintings that were exhibited.


I have won many honors over the years, most recently the Best Plein Air Painting January/February 2016 award from the Plein Art Magazine competition.

Video clips of how I begin a painting and progressions are posted on YouTube on my channel “MrBrianKeeler”.  


Recently the songwriter/singer/musician Pat Kane posted two of his songs now available through YouTube clips that use my paintings for the imagery, titled “The Hills Around My Home” and “Out Here in a Hayfield.”


My art is also on the cover of three Zingology CDs of classic jazz I produced with other Ithaca musicians. 

Over the years I have been doing many teaching workshops and demonstrations. This has culminated in an art instructional book, Dramatic Color in the Landscape, published in 2014 by North Light Books, as well as several art instruction videos, all available at my studio.

When you visit my studio I hope you will find those special pieces that will make your heart sing!


Keeler North Star Studio is located within the North Star Art Gallery. I am the Resident Artist at the gallery. The gallery is part of our home, an elegant 1865 Italianate Victorian in a rural setting on the outskirts of Ithaca, NY.


If you are visiting the area, you are welcome to stay with us through our airbnb listing.