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Stirrings of Spring at North Star

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Visit our current show, Stirrings of Spring, featuring images of the arrival of the season in the Northeast from bloom to blossom. On April 21st, bass-baritone, Kurt Lichtmann, will present a house concert at the gallery at 743 Snyder Hill Road, Ithaca, at 4pm. Visit the gallery to view the show, and stay for "Songs of Love" concert at 4pm. RSVP is appreciated at

To view a wonderful and explanatory video of how the painting below was developed, visit this link, where Brian Keeler shares his techniques and ideas about painting clouds.

The painting below is large oil on canvas mounted on linen, 44" x 48" depicting a landscape in Sugar Run, PA- Titled "As the Crows Fly" - this painting is in the private collection of Thomas Bonn of Ithaca, NY.

"As the Crows Fly"

Brian Keeler with Tom Bonn in Ithaca, NY- about to install his new painting.

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